What Is Bisexuality?

The dictionary defines bisexuality as “the sexual attraction to both men and women.”

Bisexuality refers to people who are attracted to both men and women. This attraction does not have to be completely equal (ie. 50% attraction to men and 50% attraction to women). There are so many stereotypes about bisexual/biromantic people, here are a few that I’d like to debunk:

1.Bisexual people are confused/experimenting : Nope! Sometimes people do want to experiment, and these people may identify as bicurious, which is great! Even if the person experiments and comes to realize that bisexuality isn’t really for them, it doesn’t mean that they were ever confused. On that note, this doesn’t mean that bisexual people are just experimenting. They are legitimately attracted to both sexes.

2. Bisexuality is just a phase: Nope! Like I said, some people experiment with bisexuality and find their sexuality that way, but it’s not a phase for all people and it’s important to respect it as a full sexual orientation

3. Bisexuality is the first step in coming out as homosexual: Again, NOPE! Some people come out as bisexual before they come out as homosexual for many reasons. Sometimes it’s easier to ease yourself into accepting your own sexuality (if you’re gay) this way or sometimes you’re not totally sure that you’re homosexual.Other times, people come out as Bi to make it easier on their loved ones or “less of a blow”. Not everyone does it for these reasons or takes this route. Not all Bi people are “transitioning” into homosexuality. It’s a very personal journey.

I am bisexual. It’s something I’ve known my entire life, and I remember being quite young being attracted to women in a slightly different way than I was men. I grew up in a pretty homophobic community and when I realized that I was bi I was so worried about what people would think of me. I was ashamed of myself and I didn’t want to be Bi. I brushed it under the rug for a long time and I almost wished it would go away. As I got older and more comfortable with myself in general, I realized I couldn’t make my feelings go away. Being Bisexual was a part of who I am. My friends and immediate family were very supportive and I was lucky enough to feel safe in coming out. It’s not that easy for everyone though. 

Bisexual people face a very unique type of discrimination called Biphobia. Biphobia is different from homophobia in that homosexual people generally experience discrimination from heterosexual people and society at large, while bisexual people can be discriminated against by both straight and gay people alike (That’s not to say that gay people don’t experience discrimination from their community as well). It can be hard to explain why but bisexual people are often looked down upon in the LGBTQQ2IA+ community for not being “truly gay”. Almost like cheating in “hide and go seek”, people look as bisexulity as cheating or not really being a part of the game, which of course is not true. 

Bisexuality is a legitimate sexual orientation as is homosexuality and heterosexuality, and it should be treated as such.